Craftsman - Style, Innovation, Versatility and Reliability. Your tractor is a versatile tool in your lawn care arsenal.

Cutting grass is just one of the many talents a good tractor should deliver. With Craftsman, not only will you have a tractor that will keep your turf in top condition,

you will have a workhorse that can haul, pick up leaves, de-thatch, aerate and fertilise with the option of a host of attachments that can fit your machine.





Bushranger Power Equipment - “Powering the Professional” by providing only quality commercial grade products to the Australian market, whether it is for the professional or the savvy pro-consumer.

This belief is epitomised our Bushranger™ brand of superior outdoor power equipment products.

The principle of quality is reflected throughout our Bushranger Product Range and is forefront in our minds in everything we do.

We only source the best technology from around the world and all our products are rigorously tested here in Australia so that we provide equipment that can take the tough Australian conditions.

Ultimately we are giving you the power to choose. The power to use quality, long lasting equipment that is built to a standard, not a price.